Find Your Rental Fast

Super Simple Rental Assistance Program

How to find a rental property:

  1. Search the website for available rentals.
  2. Condo1 agents can show you any of those listed by Condo1 at no charge.
  3. Contact a Condo 1 agent to visit up to FIVE other properties for rent (total charge of $75, payable by PayPal or Square or check or cash).

What do I get from Condo 1 for $75?

  1. Your Condo 1 agent will set up appointments and accompany you to ANY FIVE PROPERTIES you would like to see, regardless of whether or not the owner is offering to pay a rental commission. Each Condo 1 agent is licensed in Virginia and has full Realtor lockbox access.
  2. Your Condo 1 agent will provide you with “comparable” rental information to help determine if a particular asking price is reasonable.
  3. Your Condo 1 agent will set up an “auto search” in the Realtor Multiple Listing System to alert you as new properties hit the market that meet your desired specifications (# of bedrooms, price, parking, etc.)
  4. Your Condo 1 agent will provide you with the standard rental application form and tips on how to prepare a strong application.

Who does my Condo 1 agent work for?

You, the tenant!

How do I get started?

Call any Condo 1 agent (703.228.9007) right now to discuss your needs. Explain your time frame, price range, pet needs, size requirements, etc. and we will make a recommendation as to how to proceed.